Written & Directed by Jeff Pinilla
Produced by Helio Bodini
1st Assistant Director Matt Pourviseh
Director of Photography: Rick Sarmiento & Tommy Maddox
Client: Cadillac, Federated Media, NBTV Studios
Episode 1: The Williamsburg 
Savings Bank

Opened in 1875 the Williamsburg Savings Bank was considered “one of the most monumental spaces surviving in New York from the Post-Civil War era.” But after years of slow neglect, it was a mess. In 2011, Carlos Perez San Martin moved from Argentina to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to undertake the project of his life: restoring the bank to its original beauty. 
Episode 2: Thalia Hall

Thalia Hall sat empty for four decades before Craig Golden and Bruce Finkelman stepped up and decided to restore the once great community hall to its former glory. Their aim: to return Thalia Hall to its rightful place as a hub of the neighborhood, with a new restaurantbar, and musical venue.  
Episode 3: Knickerbocker 

Kyle Mosholder, A.J. Livingston, and Daniel McRorie live and die by style, craftsmanship, and pride in well-made work. These principles were a major part of American manufacturing 70 years ago, but have largely disappeared. Knickerbocker Mfg. holds on to these values. Making their home in a 70-year-old manufacturing space, they learned how to use the old machinery, and old techniques to make the best products possible.
Episode 4: The Playland Motel

For 80 years the Rockaways were home to Playland, a popular amusement park. Opened in 1902 and run until 1982, Playland, like Coney Island, offered a beach amusement vacation for New Yorkers looking to get away from it all. Overlooked as a vacation destination in the late 20th century, Playland Motel is among a han
Episode 5: Water Table

Running a restaurant is hard. Maintaining a boat is hard. Sue Walsh and Kelli Farwell do both. They are the creators of “The Water Table,” a New England tavern on the water. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, they began searching for the perfect boat. After a long hunt, Kelli and Sue found the Revolution, a 62-foot, wooden-hulled mine sweeper working as a tour boat in Boston. After guiding her into a New York harbor on a stormy May evening in 2013, the pair began the process of turning this 70-year-old mine sweeper into a restaurant. 
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