Above the Clutter -  (Series Trailer)
Series Directed by: Jeff Pinilla & Matt Pourviseh 
Writer: Jeff Pinilla & Matt Pourviseh 
Producer: Matt Pourviseh & Carmen Simon Rubio 
Director of Photography: Justin Simpson 
Editor: Jeff Pinilla 
Production Company: NBTV Studios
Episode 1: The Home Depot

Customer Service. It’s the best kind of marketing that exists. The ability for a company to say, “We take care of our customer’s needs” is rare in a world full of comment sections where even the slightest bad experience can be posted and filtered to the masses. The Home Depot’s declaration to the world is simple. Come learn from us, and go make something of your own. But it's this understanding of the world beyond the one we live in that has led Trish Mueller to reach into the digital stratosphere, which in turn has given The Home Depot the chance to lead a revolution of Do-It-Yourselfers online.

Episode 2: Steinway & Sons

A 160-year old story about craftsmanship and the pursuit of excellence. A brand that's been quiet for the last 40 years and, for the first time in four decades, is reopening the conversation. A product made for the ears with a story told for the eyes. In this marketing resurrection, attention to detail in the brand's storytelling is as important as the artistic expression itself.

Episode 3: BBVA Compass

BBVA Compass. Global bank with a community focus. For CMO Jennifer Dominiquini, it's pretty simple. Help the community you're in and watch your brand excel on a massive level. But this is more than just shaking hands and smiling for photo opps. Come join host, Pete Krainik to learn how a leader's commitment to give back in her personal life has helped pave the foundation for an entire company.

Episode 4: St. Louis Cardinals

St. Louis Cardinals. You may recognize the name from decades of success, but the team's excellence extends well beyond the foul lines. Leading the charge for the franchise is Dan Farrell, who prides himself on going toe to toe with the biggest teams in the league. So how does a small-market team achieve big-time ticket sales? Let's find out.

Episode 5: The Grammys

It’s not just "watch the show and we're done." When you're dealing with a brand that doesn't necessarily have a product to sell and has programs for brands, bands and fans, your marketing game MUST be top notch. Enter Evan Greene. We'll listen a little closely as he drops some knowledge about a familiar organization that celebrates artistry and empowers musicians and their fans worldwide. When the Grammys award show is over, the marketing is just getting started.

Episode 6: La Quinta

La Quinta CMO Julie Cary has one goal in mind: Re-create the comfort of your own home when you're on the road. Armed with a revamped focus on technology, marketing and the overall customer experience, La Quinta is starting to turn heads in an overcrowded hospitality game. How exactly has the franchise formerly known as “the hotel next to Denny’s” accomplished this? Let's join Pete Krainik in Texas to find out.
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